Apples in Salads

Have you tried apple slices in a salad?  It really adds a lot of flavor.  Not too sweet.  It takes away from the ever salty salad dressing no matter how little you use.  Green apples.  Red apples.  Yellow apples.  Slices or dices.  Either way, a good way to sneak in your apple eating is simply to add them to a salad!

What can be in your salad?  Anything from the works to just a few greens.  I really like salads anyway so I will eat apples with my salads either way.  They mix well with cucumbers, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, black olives and with any kind of greens.  Adding nuts (if you aren't allergic) especially pecans or walnuts really enhances the flavor.

So the next time you have a salad, try adding some apples to it, too!


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