Roasted Broccoli tastes better than Apples

I didn't always like vegetables.  Now I eat them several times a day!  Today I've enjoyed tomatoes and roasted broccoli!

When I began eating broccoli, I ate it slathered in butter and/or melted cheese.  While that does taste yummy, it's not exactly healthy!  So I learned to eat my broccoli plain cooking it only with some olive oil by boiling it in water, frying it in a pan, steaming it in a steamer, etc. 

These days I really like to make it by tossing it in a pan, drizzling with olive oil, sprinkling with ginger, then roasting in the oven.  It's great as part of your meals, it's great as a snack!  To me, it tastes far better than an apple. 

It makes me wonder, would roasted apple slices in a similar manner (maybe replacing the olive oil and ginger with cinnamon and powdered sugar) taste good?  It's something I'm going to have to try.  Now time to go fix dinner!


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