I Don't Like Apples That Much Anyway (Eat More Celery!)

Well my experiment with eating apples to be healthier, get healthier didn't work.  I have to admit I'm not a big fan of apples anyway.  I like them ok.  I'd rather eat cauliflower or mushrooms or tomatoes! 

Trying to eat an apple a day was something I didn't quite accomplish.  I tried to find different ways to eat apples, but I really don't have them all that often.  I do have other fruits and vegetables. 

I really enjoy celery.  I am still working on being healthier - I have an exercise routine and am being careful about what I actually eat.  I've been trying to sleep more as well.  And to stay more relaxed.

It isn't easy to look after your health but as so many other exercise experts and whoever else before me has said, you are worth it!


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