Back to Apple Juice and Saran Wrapped Apples!

I got an apple the other day from a hotel.  A place where I was over the holidays.  It was green.  Wrapped in saran wrap to keep it clean so it didn't need to be washed again. 

I'm not sure why some hotels wrap apples in plastic wrap - maybe because you do eat the skin.  I like oranges and bananas, but you don't eat the skins or the whole thing.  But with cherries and blueberries, which I also like, you do.  Interesting thing about eating fruits and something I had never really thought about,. 

I did carry that apple around the entire trip and I have no idea what happened to it at the end.  It probably got left in a room somewhere.  It was easier just to grab a cup of apple juice.  And even better when I got home, too tired to shop for groceries, when I found half of a gallon of apple juice I'd left inside. 

Usually I only drink it when I travel - weird habit, I know.  But apple juice, if I drink it, still ensures I'm getting some kind of "apple" in my daily diet!


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